Offboarding & Asset Recovery

“Offboarding meaning; The process of ensuring the smooth transition of employees out of the business following termination of their employment contract.”

A successful offboarding process will achieve:

  • Minimising disruption to the business, employees and customers
  • Reducing stress to the departing employee
  • Ensuring legal & HR compliance
  • Recovering IT assets including the collection of laptops, mobile phones and other company property
  • Maintaining data governance
  • Reducing the risk of IT security breaches

For businesses with employees spread over multiple cities, regions or countries the complexities of delivering an effective offboarding process increases exponentially; especially with the increasing number of remote and home workers.

Pendulum supports busy IT departments with all aspects of asset recovery on a national and global scale. We deliver offboarding for some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies. This includes within regulated industries such as Finance and Healthcare, where data security is paramount.

Wherever you are in the world we’re ready to support you. See our Global Capability Summary for more details.

Our comprehensive offboarding service is fully customisable to fit your needs and includes:

API image for asset management integrationAPI integration into your ticket systems

Integration with ticket systems such as ServiceNow, Jira and others ensure that we are automatically notified when a request is initiated, and that updates flow back to IT Operations and Service Delivery teams.

Liaising with your IT team and users to co-ordinate the collection of laptops and other assets.

Our experienced and professional ServiceDesk team can reach out to users through our service management platform by telephone, email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Where required packaging is provided to employees to ensure the secure and safe return of assets including laptops, mobile phones and accessories.

Collections are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Asset receipt and reporting

On receipt of the collected laptops and assets at one of our secure facilities they are scanned in so that that you have a clear view of their physical location and status.

Grading and inspection

Laptops are inspected and graded with any damage, faults, or discrepancies recorded and reported. Where applicable, significant issues are immediately escalated to you.

Certified data wiping, re-building and provisioning

Our engineers will complete a full data wipe and re-build devices to meet your corporate standards ready for re-deployment to new employees.

We offer support for Windows, MacOS and Chrome devices.

Refurbishment, repair and cleaning

When required devices are refurbished. If further repairs are required, our experienced engineers will either personally complete the repair, or if appropriate, liaise with the relevant manufacturer for repair under warranty.

Devices are physically cleaned and sanitised, and then re-packaged ready for shipment to new employees.

Secure storage

Assets can either be stored in one of our secure storage facilities around the globe, until required for  your new employees. Alternatively if you prefer we can return them to your own offices.

All items are fully insured and protected  by monitored CCTV and security systems.

For a comprehensive asset management and procurement service, Pendulum can also store and supply new equipment alongside your recovered assets. IT supply and logistics can then be provided on a global and centralised basis for all your IT users and stakeholders.

Asset and laptop disposal

Laptops and assets which due to age, specification or condition no longer meet your corporate standards can be retired and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

With IT budgets under ever increasing pressure you’ll be pleased to know we ensure the residual value of all assets will be refunded by rebate or service credits.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) consultancy

To complete our service offering you can leverage our device management expertise to help you deploy and configure leading Enterprise-class MDM solutions including Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Jamf, Jumpcloud, Apple Business Manager, and Chrome Enterprise.