GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Design & Optimisation

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is built on the same tried and trusted infrastructure platform which is used to deliver Google Search, YouTube and Gmail to billions of users worldwide for the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Google cloud platform GCP logo

Flexibility of compute resource with the ability to create custom VM types means that GCP is well positioned to enable customers to tailor the services to their unique requirements and environment.

With GCP holding 3rd position in the UK cloud marketplace for adoption you can be assured that Google has ensured its technology stack is 1st class and competitively priced.

If your development team are utilising containerised applications, then given that Google was the creator of Kubernetes, it’s clear the GCP platform offers the highest levels of innovation for managed container services.

Pendulum IT can assist in the design and planning of both full-scale datacentre migrations to GCP, and the addition of GCP services as part of a multi-cloud strategy to optimise performance and costs for enterprise customers.

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