Cost Optimisation for Public Cloud

Public cloud providers including AWS, Azure and GCP offer a vast range of products, services and configuration options. AWS alone has over 175 services, and Microsoft Azure’s developers added over 1,000 features within their platform in 2019.

This creates a complex environment where controlling costs is difficult and requires significant levels of expertise which must be constantly updated if advantage is to be taken of new technology features and cost-saving opportunities.

In addition, while the speed and ease of provisioning of compute instances and storage is an essential advantage for agile businesses in a competitive environment, governance polices may not have kept up with this technology change. When combined with a lack of granular cost reporting, overworked IT teams may lack the time and resource to effectively manage escalating costs.

Pendulum IT, through their cost optimisation services which are delivered through expert consultants, carefully configured tools, and tried and tested frameworks, can provide ongoing cost auditing and ensure that cost savings are delivered to the business without loss of key functionality or performance degradation.

With 85% of enterprise companies utilising multi-cloud environment (IBM survey; 2019) and a forecasted increase to 98%, the level of complexity in ensuring best practice is employed will be a significant challenge for even the most forward-thinking IT leader. Therefore, while some platforms do offer silos of cost saving data, it is likely to be insufficient for technology savvy companies.

Pendulum IT, as an independent service provider, are well positioned to guide IT teams through the huge array of options and opportunities for cost-savings.

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