How to secure the hybrid workforce

As more businesses agree hybrid working policies to meet employee needs, they must also adapt their cybersecurity defences to ensure all corporate data, applications and users are protected. We offer advice and considerations on hybrid working security best practice.

The future of work is hybrid – but how do IT Teams best support hybrid working?

One way of making sure that costs are controlled is by having an effective cloud services partner. A cloud services partner who is an approved vendor for your cloud service and provides a skilled technical team, will help optimise your cloud infrastructure, software or storage through their expertise.

Key Components of a Software-Defined Data Centre

What does the software-defined data centre (SDDC) really look like?  The future appears to be virtualised and software defined, or at least in data centre world. The move to cloud-based virtual machines replacing traditional hardware-based data centres, has allowed many organisations to be flexible and agile, giving them a much needed competitive edge. What does … Continue reading Key Components of a Software-Defined Data Centre